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  • BUY or SELL Online

    RuralWide Web ™ Inc. Offering Auction listings, Fixed Price listings and Inventory on eBay, the leading online auction site at RuralWide Web General Store. Antiques, books, collectibles, fine art, furniture, home decor, jewelry, and quality products and services from individual small businesses, fine artisans and craftspeople throughout rural and urban America.  When your item sells we take 30% of the sold price and you receive the remaining 70% of the sale. (some fees are extra).

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  • Flexible Frameworks

    RuralWide Web ™ Inc. newest responsive framework template represents a minimal and versatile design with big functionality. Templates that includes both an e-commerce and standard website that is responsive with unique experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile.

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  • Hosting + Marketing

    Whatever your next website project, our product templates could surely match up to your clients' needs.  Do your research, evaluate options, then... Contact us for a quote or estimate.

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